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As more and more small businesses are able to bring themselves online it’s important for content creators to properly optimize their online content for them. Article Writing for Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is increasingly important to keep in mind for your website. For example, an article written about covid-19 will likely include the words ‘Coronavirus’ or ‘cleaning’ in very specific strategic locations in the article in order to get the most traction out of their article. It has to be relevant for a search engine to pick it up, and promote it in its search results to users. Using selected keywords to highlight emphasis in not just the body text, but in the titles images as well. Now that you have a basic idea of how SEO works, lets get into how you can get the most out of your content with article writing that focuses on proper SEO!

Content, Search Engines, and Relevancy: The Article Writing SEO Trinity.

Maximizing your content's effectiveness

When we use ‘content’, it is typically as a blanket term to describe all types of media we interact with and upload every day (Everything from text and images to videos and music.) Search engines such as Google process over 3.5 billion search requests for content every single day. Then sorts them by relevancy, based on a few key factors. How this is done is by combining the users key word search, the most recent articles possible according to the current date and time, and a multitude of other algorithms in order to provide the most relevant information possible. Thus, these three things form the basis of why understanding SEO is so important. You can’t reach the top of search results if you’ve got nothing to attract views or are presenting irrelevant, outdated information.

One critical aspect of SEO is that the information in question is useful to the person searching for it. For example, if you’re running a restaurant it would be considered useful to add your hours of operation, phone number, location, and your menu to your site. You’d also want to have a few articles about your restaurant, what sets you apart, and more to really entice users to place an order. Not only does it show your customers why they should stop in and try your food – it helps to increase the relevancy and reliability of the information you’re supplying. You’ll earn you a higher ranking among search engines in the process.

Content Written with SEO in Mind

Squeeze every bit of an articles value

It’s recommended before you even beginning writing your articles that you get an idea for current keyword research. This will help target the markets which will allow you to capitalize on it with your chosen keywords. With this in mind, provide us with an outline for your content, include the targeted keywords, and we’ll incorporate them in a way that is both appealing but indiscrete; so that it doesn’t appear you’re trying to desperately advertise your keywords. When writing, we’ll stick to the topic and keywords at hand. straying off topic can make your article feel clunky and confusing; which will can interfere with your results!

Optimized article writing for SEO - Increase Online Visibility

Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and Urls

Beyond the article itself

Now that you know how articles should be written for SEO, there needs to be a little fine tuning of things. Starting with your title tag, which is the link title that appears in the search results when the keywords are entered. We keep it less than 60 characters, with only one keyword in the title, and the target keyword at the beginning. The meta description, which is the brief grey text describing the website in the search engine; should also be optimized for proper SEO. Again, there are optimal lengths for meta descriptions – under 160 characters. It’s best to have short specific overviews of the content, and relevant keywords included as well.

The final section of SEO, the url; is also important. While most urls are naturally cluttered due to their jargon-filled, technical nature; we can still clean them up to look nice. Try to keep urls shorted to strictly the website name, with a backslash followed by a brief description of the content involved. It makes your site appear more trustworthy, and allows for users to view a quick description before using your site.

I have several writers on hand, including myself, with a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics. I’ll make sure that your content is relevant, on topic, and properly optimized for your chosen keyword(s). Contact me today to get started on building up your site with blog posts, articles, and flavour text! Article Writing to fit your needs!